What’s it like working at a
Margaret River
Enjoy the quiet morning with a hot
cuppa looking out on the
vineyard. It’s winter in Western
Then spend an hour or so on the
label machine and packaging
some wines for online orders
Margaret River
Next, top up wine barrels that
had experienced evaporation
If it’s a nice day, spend some time
outside in the field. This season we
cleared some Verdelho vines for a
On special occasions, because it’s
a smaller vineyard, we will get the
mobile bottler in and it’s an all day
Bottling some Shiraz...
At the end of the day, we get to
enjoy the wines that were opened
during tastings
And the rest of our night is
spent tinkering away on our van

Texan in Australia. Graphic Design. Degree in Marketing. Trying to get on that nomad life.

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