You guessed it.
Weekly fluff
- Lamb edition -
Last week i tried to find some fluffy lamb for you.
I didn’t really succeed. so this week, when i found a little herd, I
decided you’ll get lamb overload.
These guys are between a few hours old to a week old.

They could be heard from a mile away, calling for their mothers.
The lamb are not kept in the barns, and sleep outside with the
sheep. This is due to the sunny weather
we have had for the last week.
Sometimes the lamb look nothing like their mothers.
Sometimes they look like twins.
I suppose sometimes they just have to grow into it.
Straight off the bat, these cheeky fellas
are jumping around on one another. Even
mom gets a flying back kick to the face
every once in awhile. It can’t be easy
having a herd of hyperactive lamb, running
around between your legs all day.
Thanks for watching!
Let’s see how big these guys are next
time we meet.

#faroeislands #explore

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