Smartphone Edition
Living in the Netherlands you
soon begin to realise just
how much water is found all

In fact about one-third of the
Netherlands the lies below
the sea level, with the lowest
point being 22 feet (6.7
meters) below the natural
level of the sea.

It is staggering to think, but it
makes for an interesting and
unique landscape to wander
and explore.

I hope you enjoy my latest
story. All images are taken on
my #Smartphone.
This is the Rotte close to Rotterdam. It
runs from the centre of the city to the
countryside beyond.
Taking a ride along the local river for
recreation or commuting to work.
#Windmills are plentiful and a welcome
addition to the flat landscapes all around.
This local river provides an important link
from #Rotterdam to Delft. It also becomes
a necessary addition for the University
rowing teams and their training.
#Kinderdijk and its wonderful mix of water
and windmills. An interesting spectacle for
any visitor and how the mill and water
have worked harmoniously for many
Canals cut through the
landscape with added appeal.
Thanks for passing by and for
reading my latest story from
the Netherlands.


Outdoor Enthusiast - Writer Brit based in the Netherlands Daily Cycle Commuter 🚲 Instagram @garethmate

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