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t h i r t e e n
Two weeks in March, the two weeks when
everything changed. Week twelve, the
week before lockdown here in the U.K.
when it felt as if everything was moving
too fast; the world as we knew it
spiralling out of control.

And then week thirteen, the first week
of lockdown. Settling into this new
state, finding moments of peace and
quiet within it all. I always knew I
wanted to continue this #shotsoftheweek
series, to record our small journey
within this shared experience. So this
was our beginning.
Wednesday 18, and already feeling
grateful to live in a place where it’s
easy to be socially distanced. This is
our local beach and you’re going to be
seeing a lot of this view in the coming
weeks. Always feeling different,
depending on the light.
Thursday 19, walking along the
shore watching the sun set.
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Friday 20, and Richard was off work as
we’d planned to go away - but clearly
didn’t. Instead we headed down the coast
to Ravensheugh, grateful for this
peaceful and empty space.
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Tuesday 24, and our first day of working
from home together. I’ve worked from home
for years and can’t imagine anything else,
but this was new territory for Richard
back in March. We were allowed one local
walk (or form of exercise) a day, so all
these next photos were taken on these
daily trips outdoors.
So much blue.
This peace.
(You’re also going
to see quite a lot
of this rock in
coming weeks.)
I learnt to love this low light that
I wouldn’t normally photograph.
Appreciating that even in this
gloom, it felt great to be outside.
Even on these grey, sullen days.
Sunday 29, and we decided to head to
the ash lagoons. This was our first
walk here, and we had no idea that this
would become our favourite place to go
during these lockdown days.
Then odd thing for us about this day was
that it marked the clocks changing and
the start of British Summer Time. We’d
usually mark this longer day with a trip
somewhere, making the most of the extra
daylight. Usually down the coast, but
perhaps further afield. That first longer
day signalling the start of spring and
all the adventures ahead. But not on this
Sunday. We stayed close to home,
adjusting. Settling our minds to this new
reality. Feeling grateful to have these
places and these moments.
I mean, this place...
MARCH 16 - 29 2020

nature | coast | exploring ♡ Harris + Bracken interiors journalist 📍Scotland

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