Building My
📸 François Lebeau
It started with the desire to set my own
hours, and the privacy to work with my
team and train with my friends...
I knew Didier Raboutou was the
man to call for this type of project...
We gutted the garage and re-beamed
the roof so that we could add height
to the bottom and the top of the walls
Then we began construction on the
inside. With 14’ tall walls I decided on
universal gymnastics padding for safety.
Once the walls were built, we
needed to set the walls and
install the LED Lights with the
Bluetooth. (We still need to do
the sound).
The Treadwall has seen better days
so I am getting a new one for the
gym that’s on its way..!
A view of the wooden walls; the hangboard
set up is still in progress as are the side walls. (...
Can you spot the cat?!)
A preview of what has now been
accomplished. You can see where
the hang boards and the
Treadwall will live, too!
The mats make the gym comfy
all over and ideal for stretching
pre sessions.
Time to climb!
Train Hard.
Do your Best. Have fun.

Professional Climber

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