Today on the blog the team shares
what we are making, listening to,
watching, and how we decompress
each day. We also share our favorite
#WFH home pieces.
Cooking: Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai

Listening to: Count Basie

Watching: American Idol

STUFF...and it's all small stuff"

My favorite way to decompress: Walking around
the neighborhood and seeing all of the spring

#WFH decor/furniture piece I am dreaming about:

This desk! It is washed lacquered linen with solid brass
hardware and is 54"W x 26"D x 30.5"H. The price is
$2,399. We procured this desk for a client but added a
custom glass top for protection of the lacquered linen.
Pictures don't do it justice
Charissa’s List
Cooking: Korean Kalbi (barbeque short ribs)

Watching: Kelly Wearstler's MasterClass

Reading: “The Farm" a novel by Joanne Ramos

My favorite way to decompress:
Drinking tea, stretching/yoga to relax the mind and body, as
well as, taking a walk or being outdoors to get fresh air and
clear the mind.
#WFH decor/furniture piece I am dreaming about:
Love this desk in a neutral burl wood top and
polished stainless steel legs. So chic paired with a
white slipcovered desk chair! The desk is 68″ W x
28″ D x 30″ H. It sells for $3,999.
Eli’s List
Cooking: Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma with Sesame Sweet
Potatoes and Hummus

Watching: : “Little Fires Everywhere” on Hulu

Listening to: “Home Sweet Home”
playlist on Spotify is relaxing, yet upbeat to listen to while I work.
I also like playing their “Coffee Table Jazz” playlist. It makes me
feel like I am working at a cozy coffee shop.

Reading: I am switching between two books currently, one is a
cooking book by Samin Nosrat, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. I am also
reading the novel, In Five Years.

My favorite way to decompress: Walks in my neighborhood,
talking to family and friends, and at-home workouts like yoga
and barre classes help me stay positive each day.
#WFH decor/furniture piece I am dreaming about:
This is my dream desk. It is a splurge, but such a
statement piece. I love the spiral detailing of the faux
horn on the sides and top. It is 54″ W x 24″ D x 31″ H. It
sells for $4,840. It is also available in ivory faux horn.
Kori’s List
Cooking: Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Watching: Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime

Listening to: Passion City Church DC Podcast, and
MasterClass with Kelly Wearstler.

Reading: My kids are home so we started the
Hunger Games series together.

My favorite way to decompress: Running is therapy
for me. I love to go outside and run. With all of the
extra time I’ve had at home, I have also been
painting with my kids. It is self expression, there is
no right or wrong, and it is color therapy on paper.
The chair has curved back that is accented with hand
woven caning. The black finish is enlivened with a gray
glaze. Unique brass caps finish off the arms and the
exaggerated raked back legs end in brass ferules. It is 26″W
x 27″D x 30″H and sells for $999.99.
#WFH decor/furniture piece I am dreaming about: I like this
cerused oak desk with brass details paired with this rattan chair.
The desk is 52″W x 31.25″H x 23.75″D and sells for $1,459.99.
Raquel’s List
Cooking: I am recreating the Ancient Grains Bowl from
True Food Kitchen.

Watching: I am currently catching up on the latest
season of Project Runway. I love seeing how these
designers concepts come to life.

Listening to: I am listening to the “Goal Digger” podcast
on my daily walks in my neighborhood. Jenna Kutcher
gives such great advice in a relatable way.

Reading: Mom’s On Call. Working on getting the new
baby on a good schedule!

My favorite way to decompress: Going on a walk by
myself. Even if it is just for 10 minutes. It really helps me
center myself after a busy day.
WFH decor/furniture piece I am dreaming
about: A framed Hermes scarf in an
acrylic box over my desk like this photo.
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