today, I am thankful for
I’ve been trying to write a story since last week
but - and I’m sure this is relatable to everyone
- my mind has been too busy. Thousands of
words crashing around my brain, reacting to
everything. For me, a need to write, but also a
need to just… pause. Settle. Find a calmer
mental space. And so having written a few
versions of this story, I’m going to keep this
one simple. I’ve started a wee series on
Instagram called ‘today, I am thankful for’ and I
want to share this here too. Starting with this:
a simple local walk, watching the sun set.
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It was Thursday last week, a few days before
the lockdown here in the UK. Things were
moving fast. I’d watched too much news,
absorbed too much on social media. Chatted
by DM to friends who were closing the doors
to their businesses, or were about to. Friends
who had lost all their planned work.
Opportunities cancelled. Friends talking about
anxiety. We’ve all had those same
conversations, I know.
It was late afternoon and I wanted to clear my
head, so I walked to our local beach. On the
way, I could see the light ahead, through the
trees. This beautiful sunset glowing over the
Forth. It was low tide, so I walked out onto the
mussel beds, fronds of seaweed slippery
beneath my feet, densely packed shells
crunching lightly. And I paused at the edge of
the water, looking towards Edinburgh in the
distance, grateful for this moment.
After a while I headed back to the shore and
perched on a washed up log to watch the
fading glow. A guy walked down onto the
beach alongside me, but metres away,
observing our new socially distanced space.
He was watching the sunset too. Although we
were metres apart, it was so quiet and calm,
with barely a breeze, so we spoke, first about
the sunset, and then about the week, the
news. He said that he expected to lose his job.
He spoke about his friend who had just
trained as a paramedic and had started work
this week, of all weeks. The craziness of it,
being on the front line. I couldn’t imagine
having that resilience.
We watched the sun set, and I walked back
down to the water’s edge to take a last few
photos before saying “goodbye” and “take care,
stay safe,” the greeting that has now replaced
all other greetings or email sign offs.
So today I am thankful for this place, this
peace amongst the vast uncertainty of life at
the moment. And I am thankful for
conversations, with friends and people I know,
and also some I don’t. I am thankful for these

nature | coast | exploring ♡ Harris + Bracken interiors journalist 📍Scotland

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