A Rescue Pup’s Adventures
Backpacking! With perfect weather over
Memorial Day weekend, we got to
introduce Titus to the wonders of
camping in the great outdoors.
The Buck Hollow Tract of William Penn
State Forest is not too far away, with an
easy trail and not too many visitors.
Primitive camping is considered a
“dispersed activity” that is still allowed.
Although being inside a tent was a
totally new experience, and despite
some occasional sounds of fireworks in
the distance, Titus did a great job on his
first night out with us.
Good boy, Titus!
As the weather gets warmer, Titus
naturally gets thirstier. Thank you,
Mom, for this portable water bowl!
Titus has gotten pretty good at sitting
and lying down on command, and he’s
getting better at walking with us. He’s
still reluctant to share his toys, though,
which means no games of fetch yet.
Playing with toys is still a good way to
help him get in better shape. Look at
this display of athleticism!
Stay cool, Titus!
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