The Pacific Northwest
The trail to ruby beach goes through a path
of trees and bushes and logs. On my way
back to the car, I saw the sun shining
perfectly through these trees and snapped a
Ruby Beach
October 2019, a sunny still day at Lake Crescent. The
weather was beautiful that day. If you haven’t been to
Washington before, you’re going to need atleast two
weeks to explore it’s gems.
Lake Crescent
My favorite times to go to
Washington are when it’s cold,
cloudy, rainy, oh all the time!
Olympic National Park
I don’t even know what to take pictures of when I
come to this state, there are so many beautiful
places to see. Some of my favorite places in WA
are Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and of course
Olympic National Park!
Snoqualmie Pass
Maybe I should start
exploring different
beaches. Thoughts?
Come to this beach at
low tide and you can
explore hidden paths
within the rocks on the
Ruby Beach
To just be able to drive
through these trees is
enough to put me in a
happy mood
Snoqualmie Pass
Anyone see a vampire through these trees? 🧛 No one
wondered why I only visit on cloudy days? 🤫
Snoqualmie Pass
, ,
Something I have always wanted to do yet never done,
is lay against the soft cold sand on ruby beach and
just take it all in.
Ruby Beach

My name is Deliah, I live in Tucson, and I love to go on adventures and photograph along the way! My favorite places are filled with trees and oceans!

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