Dive Trip August’20 • Part 1
Let’s Dive & Meet
20 August 2020
We decided to start to go out of the city
in this new normal of the pandemic.

We flied to Bali that already open for
domestic tourists with a very strict
protocol (Rapid test, Health Form with
multiple check points at the airport etc).

There were 3 diving spots that we
explored. At first I want to share about
the “Sea Angel”
The Manta.
Semawang beach ᭢ᬲᬫᬯᬂᬩᬶᬢ᭄‌᭟
We sailed from Semawang beach,
Sanur, Bali to Nusa Penida island.
It took around 1 hour to cross the
Manta Point Nusa Penida
Finally we arrived at Nusa Penida,
a small island that is still part of
Bali province. The dive spot name
It was 21-22 degree Celsius, the
coolest sea’s temperature that we
ever dived 😢, so we used the full
Suddenly ........ aaaah, the Manta
swam to us 😍
The Sea Angel 😍
Even the visibility was not too
clear, we still can see how grace
this Manta swam around us.
Gosh, so slow with graceful
manner 😍
Sunu tried to record it closely
while I & @avantisukma were
hesitate to approach 😁
Be careful to dive or snorkel here.
Please read my tips 👇
We spend around 1 hour in Manta
Poin. We must continue our diving
journey to the next spot. But we
Bye Manta, bye Nusa Penida 🥰
Photo & video by Sunu fam.

#stellerid #indonesia #bali

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