T H E  L O O K O U T
Art Installation
The Lookout
Located between the two lochs -
in the heart Loch Lomond &
Trossachs National Park

It was the last day of September 2018 when we’ve
discovered the beautiful art installation located in
between the two lochs - Loch Doine and Loch Voil in the
heart of Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park in

The installation is located in the remote corners of the
Loch Lomond & Trossachs park where no public
transport is available, however, there is a beautiful hotel
with all the amenities.

As you walk around you’re able to see the two opposite
landscapes on one plane - the one that’s in front of you
and the one behind your back.
The Lookout
In 2014, two architecture students
Angus Ritchie and
Daniel Tyler designed and built "The Lookout" as part
of Advanced Architectural Design thesis at Strathclyde University.
The Lookout
The box, a permanent art
installation, is clad in mirrored
stainless steel
Every surface reflects surrounding
landscape, it creates the visual
illusion of disappearing and
A PDF map is free to download here
The Lookout
It’s lovely to see that local animals
don’t seem to be disturbed by
their own reflections.

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