4-day River Trip
My good friend,
(and photo nerd)
Re, invites me
to a river trip
on a remote
section of the
Green River in
the Dinosaur
Gates of Lodore
A once-in-a-lifetime float trip
These are them.
Spoiler Alert:
I decided to go.
The Gates of
We drive to Vernal, Utah
(a Dino mecca) to prepare for
staging and packing our rafts with
Holiday River Expeditions.
Holiday River Expeditions
Dine-A-Ville Pink Dinosaur
But first you should take an
obligatory tourist photo with Dinah.
We made it to Holiday River Expeditions !
Now we pack.
Holiday River Expeditions
Because the Green River awaits!
We were a crew of all females,
guides and all!
It’s easy to slide into the flow of river life.
Here was the view from Camp 1
This trip is special because the geology of the
area is unmatched. 44 miles through the river
canyons tells the story of eons.
Scoping rapids is key!
On day 2 we hike to a waterfall.
Always a gift in the desert.
It was nice to freshen up a bit in the FREEZING
cold water. Re took this photo!
Camp 2 gave us a beautiful moonrise
Camp 2 and a mighty moonrise.
And a delicious dinner!
Camp 3 placed us near a pictograph hike.
The Mitten Park Fault rears
If you like geology, this trip is for you!
Can you muster a headstand on
Headstand Rapid?
Steamboat Rock
Re is excited because we’re
nearing the confluence of the
Green and Yampa Rivers.
Confluence Of The Green And Yampa Rivers
See the water mixing?
Holiday River Expeditions
Hope to see you out there with
Holiday River Expeditions!
Gates of Lodore

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