The Courthouses and Town
Halls of the Myths and
Legends Byway
There was a time in our
past when one could walk
down any street and be
surrounded by harmonious
buildings. Such a street
wasn't perfect, it wasn't
necessarily even pretty, but
it was alive. The old
buildings smiled, while our
new buildings are faceless.
The old buildings sang,
while the buildings of our
age have no music in them.
x Jonathan Hale
The Allen Parish Courthouse
in Oberlin, LA was built in
1912 and was listed on the
National Register of Historic
Places in 1981.  
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The Beauregard Parish
Courthouse, located in DeRidder,
LA, was built in 1915 and added to
the National Register of Historic
Places in 1983.
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The Village of
Elizabeth Town Hall

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