Cocktail Spotlight:
The Three Sisters Garden
Meet Martin.
He’s a Taurus, enjoys getting
caught in the rain, and his love
of a good cocktail is second only
to his love for Liverpool FC.

As Blue Sky’s Director of
Food & Beverage, he knows how to
sling a stiff drink.

The Three Sisters Garden is one of
his weekend favorites.
2 oz High West American Prairie Bourbon
1 oz carrot juice
0.5 oz Torani
cinnamon syrup
juice from
half a lime
1 egg white
Combine all ingredients except for the
egg whites in a cocktail shaker or
mason jar.

Fill half way with ice and make sure
the lid is on tight.
(Learn from my mistakes).
Shake hard for 20 seconds.

Strain cocktail into glass and discard
ice. Put strained cocktail back into
shaker with egg white and shake hard
for 30 seconds.

Pour, savor, be fancy during
Zoom cocktail hour.

Pairs incredibly with cinnamon-dusted
butter popcorn.


Be genuine. Stay curious. Go play.

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