<<< Here’s our trusty air boat!
I had been waiting all week to do
this and see the gators with
It’s a total rush with the engine
running right behind you (hence
the ear protection 🎧 )
We were charging!!!
Per usual, Keith shot some dope
photos of our passes from
another boat!
It’s so crazy to be going 30+ mph
over 2-3 feet of water! 🤯
We slowed it down a bit and
cruised through some of the
thicker, forested areas!
It’s amazing skimming over the
top of these shallow areas.
Obviously impossible if your boat
Then got back to charging!!!
Capt. Rick is a badass!
This was some of my favorite
filming I’ve done in a LONG time!
The swamp is beautiful in its own
way, the airboats are an amazing
way to see it, but there’s
100% certain alligators would have
held their own against dinosaurs.
Look at the scales on this guy!!!
That is a 13 foot alligator coming
in for a snack 😳
How to lose a finger:
1.) find an alligator
Incredible creature!!!
8 ft pole cam for the win!
This is an incredible tour
experience. From the boat to the
gators, it’s incredibly unique and

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