here’s everything that made the cut this
month, and a few that didn’t (at the end)
We had to stop using this so often
because we’re almost empty! Our
absolute favorite microdermabrasion
and enzyme exfoliant to date.
We did not expect to like these two as
much as we do. They’re gentle, yet
effective, and do exactly what they say
they will.
Never thought we’d enjoy a body butter
—or CBD body product, in fact—as
much as this one. Super rich, but not at
all greasy.
Of all the replenishing oil blends we’ve
tried, this is the most comfortable,
gentle, soothing, and conditioning. A
true gem!
Pleasantly surprised by this lip balm! It’s
not groundbreaking, but it’s pretty nice
if you’re into thick, gloss-like, vanilla
scented goodness.
We’re not saying that this has replaced
our Krave Beet Shield, but it’s certainly
giving it a run for its money! It has a
crazy thin texture that works best for
oily skin, but anyone will enjoy.
Really, really enjoying this for a fast exfoliation on
retinol days. It foams well, doesn’t strip the skin at all,
and really does help with blackheads, whiteheads,
congestion, etc. Will update properly in post soon!
Another product we didn’t expect to like
so much. It’s a thick eye cream that
sticks down to where you’ve applied it
and doesn’t budge. Super moisturizing,
but doesn’t offer any other benefit.
Omg. We’re enjoying pretty much
everything from Naturium but these
retinol products and niacinamide serum
have been outstanding. Clear, smooth
skin for days.
As it starts to warm up here, our skin is
becoming a bit oilier, so we’re pulling out this oil
serum again because it does an incredible job of
maintaining a balanced complexion. An oily skin
must have!
We really wanted to like this hydrating
milky cleanser but it just hasn’t worked
for us. It feels like glue mixed with water
on the skin, and is just as difficult to
remove as that.
We were most excited for this in our
Inkey Recipe, but it’s incredibly sticky
and pills when mixed with other
products. We won’t give up on it yet,
Not a bad cleanser by any means, as it foams a bit and
turns into a nice milky emulsion. But it’s full of citrus
and floral essential oils and yet still smells like paint?
We find that it sensitizes our skin when combined
with other products, too, so it’s a no from us.

Two biomedical sciences students (and sisters!) presenting only the best of our top shelf. - PR/Collabs: /DM ✨ - Orlando, FL

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