Last September we flew to Tangier
because it’s marvellous and because it’s
just a short journey across the water
from Spain which you can see clearly
from the city walls. Spain was our
destination, but first some Moroccan
culture.....the souk, the people, sardine
or anchovy tagine served in its clay pot
preferably in the white washed medina.
Our visit was four glorious days of
walking and eating. Short stops were
made for espresso and almond kaab or
delicious orange blossom cake. And
we’re going back this year too.
site of a long long lunch
of harissa followed by
chicken with preserved
lemon and olives with
couscous, crispy harissa
and chickpea salad
washed down with
moroccan mint tea (diary
definitely not happy, but I
didn’t realise until I saw
this later
keeping lookout
exotic medina
Soon into southern Spain,
but not yet.....you might
think architecturally that
you’d already arrived
The little rented house in Andalusia,
fifteen kilometres across the Straits of
Thanks for looking. All pics taken with
the mighty iPhone 6er. Stay safe, stay
apart and see you on the other side.

'it's all there is, the present, the panting present'

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