T     B    L    I    S    I
Narikala fortress
‘Chronicles of Georgia’ is one of the
most unpopular tourist attraction in
Tblisi. Many locals aren’t even aware
and the ones who know about it have
not visited this beautiful place. Its a
hidden gem in Tblisi.
Its a a huge statue made of columns, set
on a hill. The top part of the statue
features the kings and queens of
Georgia, the lower part portrays the life
of Christ. The dark sculpture can be
seen from far off. It is quite serene at
this place. When you stand in the
middle of the huge columns you realise
how massive they are. One of the best
things about the this place is that it has
very few visitors. So you have all the
time to take pictures without any
intervention. This could be one of the
least visited places in #tbilisi .
Tsminda  Sameba Cathedral
The Cathedral is
considered one of the
main sights of Tbilisi.
The front yard of the
Church is very beautiful
and it is a perfect place
for family pictures. At
the entrance of this site,
on the left there is a big
Bell tower.
This beautiful Church is visible from the
city and at night it looks even more
beautiful when its dome is illuminated.
Narikala Fortress
This bridge is known as ‘Peace Bridge’.
The ‘Peace Bridge’ is in the
middle of the city and very
close to the Narinala
Fortress. It’s a beautiful
architecture but it has
nothing more to offer
other than a memorable
pic. The bridge is very
strategically located. One
doesn’t have to make a
separate visit for this. It’s
near all the other famous
tourist spot.

The Narikala Fortress
Narinala Fortress actually is left out with
ruins now. You can either climb up the
hill which is not much tough task. Or
else you can take a cable car ride which
would cost you 5 GEL per person. The
view from the cable car is not
breathtaking. But it is still good with the
ride not taking more than 2 minutes.
Once at the top there are three things to
do. Botanical garden, The Mother of
Georgia statue and the Narikala Fortress. 

You will see people climbing fortress
which doesn’t have good stairs to climb.
The highest point in the fortress is at the
top of a hill which is quite slippery and
risky. There is a Church inside the
Narikala fortress and the view form
there is very good. You get a Bird's eye
view of Tbilisi from the top
Disheveled clock tower

The leaning tower of Tbilisi is one of the
city’s most unusual buildings. Tucked
into a side street of old town, it truly is a
bizarre structure, with a tower on the
perpetual brink of falling down, and
only a steel beam holding the tower in
place. A huge clock sits in the middle of
the disheveled tower, with a leaning
column on its side.
While an incredibly odd sight, it’s not an
old structure. It is a modern tower,
attached to the puppet theatre of
renowned puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze.
He himself is the brainchild behind the
structure, as well as the building to its
side, which houses the actual theatre.
Gabriadze built the theatre himself over
a timespan of thirty years, reusing old
pieces from abandoned structures of the
old town, and from buildings destroyed
following a major earthquake. The weird
clock tower was added in 2011, after a
four-year construction phase.
Disheveled clock tower of Tbilisi's
puppet theatre
Tblisi City has many lanes within
which keeps the tourists engaged.

We found many places where local
artists showcased their skills.
Abanotubani has natural sulphur
baths for people to experience.
There are many companies running
it and each one of them have
different prices. We had booked a
private room for us, but you also
have a general admission at a very
reasonable price. The sulphur water
is extremely hot. It would be a good
experience during winter. Since we
visited this place in summer it was
very hot and we did not enjoy the
bath much. We got the room for one
hour, but we stayed inside the hot
water for only 30 mins, as we started
feeling dehydrated.
Abanotubani sulphur baths
Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue.

This avenue was 30 minutes walk
from our hotel. We took a stroll
and enjoyed the beautiful walk.
Once we reached Davit
Agmashenebeli we saw cobbled
streets illuminated with bulbs. The
avenue is a party place. It has
restaurants, pubs, discotheques
and various other shops.

Freedom Square of Tbilisi
The country in the Caucasus region of
Eurasia wasn’t famous until last three to four
years. Georgia has promoted their tourism in
full swing, resulting in tourists flocking to this
beautiful country. We travelled to Georgia in
the summer, but we have been told that the
winter is equally beautiful, if not more.
Although Tbilisi is very famous amongst
Georgian tourists, but the real beauty lies in
the places outside the city.

Watch this space !

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