Quarantine Cooking
Sweet Potato
Shepard’s Pie
Decided to try a new one this week. Nice
thing is pretty much everything is pet of
our normal shopping list!

*recipe called for beef broth but this was
all the store had 🤷‍♂️
I forgot to take a photo 🤷‍♂️ but start
things off by baking your sweet potatoes
(or yams) at 375 for 45-60min
Add some salt and pepper and cook
until the veggies start getting soft
Pour (only a
cup of broth)
And mix
Let’s get spicy 🌶

The recipe I referenced seemed really off on their
season amounts, like really off, so I won’t even put
them. But, I made my own Italian blend, added chili
powder, and salt and pepper. Add as you go and just
keep tasting till it seems right.
Bring to a boil until most of
the liquid is cooked out and
then turn to a simmer.
When your sweet potatoes
(yams) are done take them out
and mash with some butter
Put filling in
baking dish
Smooth sweet
potato over top
Bake for 15 min
Top with a little parsley
and you’re all set.

I like telling stories 📷🎥📝 Camera for hire †

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