Swanston Village

Swanston is a tiny hamlet
nestling amid woods on the
northern slopes of the
Pentland Hills overlooking
Edinburgh. The beautifully
kept thatched cottages
give Swanston its unique
character and much of its
Swanston started life in 1214. A farmer
by the name of Svienn took a lease to
work the land in this area and the
small community which grew up became
known as Sveinn'ston. Over the years
that became Swanston. The Swanston you
see today had its origins in the early
I discovered this village on my way to
Pentland hills on Summer Solstice day.
Luckily I had my camera with me to
capture its beauty under some rare
Scottish sunshine.
Cottage hidden in
the woods
Terrace of
Thatched Cottages
This is the old school house which is
now a privately owned house. The metal
gate with the bell attached is very
You can see the detail of the hatched roofs
more closely, I read somewhere that the reed
was locally sourced by the Edinburgh council
during restoration.
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The location of the Swanston village is unique as
it is sandwiched between the Pentland hill and the
suburban houses of  Edinburgh. I continued my walk
through the hills.
Pentland Hills Regional Park
Hope you enjoyed the story

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