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So here are 2 #hiddengems of Sumba Island, Indonesia.
This time Steller challenges us to share #hiddengems.
Apa kabar? (How are you?)
Why did I classify these beaches as #hiddengems?
Come to find the answer in my story 😉
Pantai Watuparunu
FAR & tranquality
These days Sumba is getting
more popular, but people are
rarely come to this beach.

It’s far from the Waingapu,
the city of East Sumba. It’s
around 150 km from Waingapu
and it takes 3.5 hours to visit
Watuparunu Beach.

But if we look for beautiful
beach and moreover
the tranquality,
Watuparunu is one of
the best choice in Sumba.

Watu means stone and
Parunu means walking while
stooping low.
There is a hollow stone that
becomes a mark of this beach.

People must walking while
stooping low to enter the hollow
stone. For locals it represents the
respect or honor to the nature.
White cliffs are also a mark of Watuparunu Beach.
As if God crafted these white cliffs beautifully
and put it at the edge of Indian Ocean.
I was dissapointed because in 2018
I only had 30 minutes to explore this beach.
In fact this beach is very beautiful and it’s famous for sunset.
Definitely I will come back to this beach to wait for
the sunset while enjoying the tranquality.
There is no public transportation to
come to this beach.

It’s a little bit far from the Village.
No restaurants. No light at night.

But people still suggest to camp at
the beach to wait for the sunset
and also the sunrise in this beach.
Indian Ocean
Now let’s leave East Sumba, move to West Sumba,
visit the 2nd hidden gems: the Marosi Beach
Pantai Marosi
Buffalo ON the beach
West Sumba basically is more popular
than East Sumba.

There are some beautiful beaches
in the edge of Indian Ocean in West Sumba
including Marosi & Nihiwatu Beach.

But for me, the Marosi Beach is special,

Contrast with the Nihiwatu Beach
that is known with the luxury resort where
David Beckham & fam stayed,
the Marosi Beach is a “resort” for buffalos 😉.

It’s a very natural beach
with authentic life of locals.

Besides of that this beach is also popular
as surfing spot but only for certain months.
Excluding surfing season this beach is very peaceful
just like when I visited it in July.
This beach is also far from the city,
it’s around 40 km from Waikabubak the nearest
small city or 70 km from Tambolaka the center city of
Southwest Sumba.

No public transportation, far from the Village,
No restaurant except local coconut seller.
This beach is also nice for selfie & wefie,
just like I did for my friends
Unfortunately my camera was out of battery in
this beach. Then I also lost so many photos of
Marosi in my IPhone.

So I can’t share in detail about
this beautiful beach 🙏
Hopefully you enjoy to read it.

Terima kasih (thanks) for read it.
I am exciting to read another
#hiddengems stories.
Come to share it in Steller guys 😉

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