St Kilda
One of Scotland’s
Off the Beaten Track:
Hidden away in the north west of
Scotland you’ll find the archipelago of
St Kilda.

A truly fascinating place and one rarely
seen by the many many tourists that
visit the country.
It’s here
Let me take you on a photographic tour of
the islands and showcase why it is one
of Scotland’s #hiddengems
It’s not the easiest of places to visit but
believe me, it’s well worth the effort!
Interestingly, the islands were inhabited by a
hardy community of Scots for 4000 years.

But one day in 1930, the last remaining
members of the community were evacuated and the
island was left uninhabited by humans.
Whilst no humans really ‘live’ on the
islands any more, you will still find some
locals. Namely some very interesting
and inquisitive wildlife.
Leaving the main island of Hirta behind,
let me share some images of the
surrounding sea stacks and islands.

Some of which are home to extremely
large bird colonies!
Stack Lee
, ,
Thanks for checking out my story about one of
Scotland’s hidden gems. I hope you liked it!

#scotland #stellertravel #stellerstories
Thank You!

a keen traveller from scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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