Ljubljana and Lake Bled
I visited Slovenia with a friend when we
embarked on a largely Croatian trip. I
have no expectations about this side trip
but i was excited nevertheless as Lake
Bled was part of the itinerary. I have
seen photos of Lake Bled on many social
media platforms so it ended up on my
list of must-see places.
We spent two and a half days in
Slovenia and now looking back,it seemed
so short. I had great memories of that
brief stay and I look forward to another
trip again in the future and explore
more of this beautiful country.
📍Mestni Square
Slovenia’s capital and largest city. Our
accommodation is a stones throw to
heart of the city center where car traffic
is restricted leaving the leafy banks of
the emerald green Ljubljanica River free
for pedestrians and cyclists. It is an
attractive city graced with beautiful
buildings and squares, easy to navigate
on foot, lively yet restrained and clean,
having been named 2016 Green Capital
of Europe.
Roaming around the pedestrian zone in
Old Town. The Preseren Square is the
central square of the capital city situated
where the Triple Bridge crosses the
Ljubljanica River.
At the eastern side of the square is a
monument of France Prešeren, a
national Slovene poet symbolically
facing Wolfovo ulica.
📍Wolfovo ulica
A stone sculpture of Juliya Primic leaning
out the window. Tone Demšar, 1946. Juliya
Primic is the unrequited love of France
Prešeren and the inspiration for his Wreath
of Sonnets.
A classical music performance inside the Town Hall.
The Franciscan Church of Annunciation
( ahead on right), Baroque style and the
pink facade of the Cooperative Business
Bank Building ( left) called the Vurnik
House, Art Nouveau.
📍Miklošičeva cesta 1
📍Franciscan Church of Annunciation  ( Baroque)
Ljubljana has stunning buildings and
some of the facades shown here are just
but a few. Those buildings are from
different time periods and the
architectural styles are part of the city’s
📍Grand Hotel Union
📍The Central Marketplace
📍The Robba Fountain ( Baroque)
Mestni trg square                  
📍Town Hall ( Baroque)
                 Mestni trg square                  
📍Hauptmann House
(Art Nouveau)
Prešeren Square
The Cooperative Business Bank
building is definitely the most
colorful building in the city.
Ivan Vurnik, architect. 1922

Art Nouveau
Vurnik House
📍University of Ljubljana
Congress Square.    
University of Ljubljana
impressive building
Dragon is the most recognizable
symbol of Ljubljana. The Dragon
Bridge crosses the Ljubljanica
River to the north of the Central
Market Place at Vodnik Square.
It is an emblem of the city that
symbolizes courage, grandeur
and power. 
📍Dragon Bridge
📍Views from      
📍Views from Union Grand Hotel
Bled, a town on Lake Bled is a popular
destination in the Upper Carniola
region of Slovenia. Lake Bled is
magical even on a rainy day, one that
looked like it was carved out of a fairy
tale, the lake surrounding small island
with stunning views of the Julian Alps.
Here are some scenes from a day trip
to Lake Bled.
Lake  BLED
One can ride on a lake to Bled
island on wooden boat called
“pletna”. These wooden flat
bottom boats have pointed bows
and wide stern. It dates back to
1590. It is navigated by a pletnar
and the title pletna oarsman is
handed down from generation to
generation, quite an esteemed
A pletna has colorful awnings
like you see in the photos and
from afar looking down, they
look like slippers, don’t they?
The oarsman resting ( below). The
boats hold 18 people navigated by one
oarsman standing and rowing with 2
oars. Imagine doing that several times
a day.
No trip to Bled is complete without it. I had it
at Hotel Park. Decadently delicious.
Thank you very much for your time and
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