Three days in The Hague.
The Hague,
Grand Hotel Amrâth
We checked into the hotel,
then headed to the Pier. We
enjoyed lunch at The
Beachroom. It was gloomy
and rainy for most of the
afternoon, but still
Our first day was filled with shopping,
going to different cafes, and enjoying
the view of the beach. This was the view
from the hotel room. So beautiful!
Day 2! We biked to the Panorama Mesdag.
Wonderful exhibit and minutes from the
Noordeinde Palce
Beautiful palace. One of three official
palaces of the Dutch Royal Family, it has
been used as the official workplace of
King William-Alexander since 2013.
On this day, there was no crowds.
Tour The Hague on
bike or foot.
This beautiful park, Hofvijver, overlooks
Binnenhof. In the distance you can see
the metro area of The Hague.
The courtyard of the
Binnenhof was
breathtaking. Again, not
busy with crowds so I was
able to appreciate all the
After the touring Binnenhof, it
was time for a snack and coffee.
We found an amazing coffee shop
inside the Passage; a beautiful
shopping mall.
Thank you, Hop & Stork and my
amazing barista, André for this
wonderful GAAV tea. The ginger added
the perfect kick.
My favorite museum of all, Escher
During our weekend getaway, the boys
stayed with the dog sitter. They had a
wonderful time, and I loved getting
pictures of them.
On the day 3, we
did some more
biking around...
Peace Palace
Travel freely. Get lost often. Until next
time! ✌🏽

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