We drove 155 km away from home
using our own car according to
the strict protocol in new normal.
That day was the 1st day of
Gede-Pangrango National Park
opened for public
according to the new normal.
Arrived at 5 pm
7 July 2020
Tanakita Camping Ground
Spend the night to enjoy
the peacefulness.
Breakfast before trekking
8 July 2020
We met these lutungs (langur)
in Situ Gunung forest.

Look at the cute baby Lutung 😍.
Newborns usually have a golden-yellow fur that
become darker to be black when they grow up.

The name "lutung" comes from the Sundanese language
and means "blackness”.

Lutungs are a little bit shy animal and very agile,
so it’s hard to capture them.

Lucky we were able to capture these couple of
mother & cute baby 😍.
Thanks to the zoom of my Nikon 👌
, ,
Btw we can work anywhere....
the client
trekking 😬
(Work from
tent) 🤪
Sleepless in Situ Gunung
9 July 2020
Seburuk apapun bayangan diri,
itulah sejatinya kita. Ia akan terus mengejar &
tak akan berubah,
secantik apapun topeng yang kita pakai.
Thanks to my dear hubby 😉
Now it’s time for me to take
pose in a forest 🤭.
I brought some clothes in
my backpack so I can
change for the photo
Go home.
Bye Lutung.
Be safe.
See you next time

Psychologist • PADI Advance OW diver • Special for quotes in @quotes_by_jw • Psikologi👌

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