Silence in Denmark
By Claire Droppert
Between Jutland and
Zealand, in the heart of
Denmark, lies the fairytale
island of Fyn – I explored
its beautiful nature.
The wild horses of Langeland.
Warm evening light falls
over the typical rolling
hills of Langeland. The
landscape here looks like
a curled up carpet.
The silence of nature is
very real. It surrounds you,
you can feel it.
When exploring the areas
near Kerteminde, you will
find some stunning
landscapes, like here when
storms came rolling in.
Ærø's traditional beach
houses. Situated on
Eriks Hale Beach and
surrounded by invitable
clear waters.
A  tranquil morning at Langeland.
Cormorants drying their wings
in a small breeze of wind.
Life is zen here.
Thank you for watching.
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Silence, find me on
Instagram @claireonline.

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