My tent is surrounded by the frosted dried flowers and winter vegetables which is expecting snow any
minute. The fog thickened and made nothing visible, snowy hued and white robbed. This is a normal
waking up in the misty lofty hills of Lachung, said a local.
I started walking towards the stream, serenity of the village surprised me, wooden
houses painted in yellow, green or blue, Stack of firewood in the porch, vegetable
garden and cow sheds.
I walked uphill and took slight right
through a narrow path fenced with thorn
bushes and tiny purple flowers where saw
a tiny hut (Chutha) next to the stream,
in it was a lady grinding flour.
Hot spring of Sikkim
Rainforest of Sikkim
Sweetest smile in Sikkim.

He : Where are you from? Are you a research student?
Me: I’m from Kerala. No No, I’m here to see your beautiful
village and jungle.

He is from Lepcha community in Sikkim, I forgot his name. I
stayed in his village for two days. He invited me for tea. I had to
pass, because I just arrived and still has luggage on my back.

He: Kerala??? Wow!! My teachers were from Kerala. Mr. Thomas,
Mr. Issac. Probably they are not alive now.  But I remember
their words and what they said about your place. It’s green like

I can’t believe, he still remember his teachers name, and was
very influenced by them.

Me: Of course. Our forest is very similar to yours, only the ferns
are very big here. So big! May the altitude.
I will visit your home, next time I see you.
How I was welcomed
I woke up to the dungchen (tibetan horn for the prayer call) from the
monastery from the nearby mountain. The soft mellow sunlight through
the curtains, made it difficult to open my eyes. Gathering all energy
I unlatched the door to the massive mountains, huge fern trees and
hundreds of colorful flowers.
From the luscious green forest to the biggest moths and exotic ferns
in the himalayas. I couldn’t believe the green in this himalayan
region. Dzongu – a little known Paradise of the Lepchas, earliest
ethnic group to have settled in Sikkim.
The sun is setting over the Mt.Pandim in the
quaint village of Barfung, nestled in the
foothills of Himalayas, watching nature and
their children
Mt. Kanchenjunga
, ,
In this India’s first fully Organic state, the people
of Sikkim have viewed the mountain as both a god and
the abode of gods. They respected Nature and worked
for protecting it and can be seen everywhere.
Nabina nazar

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