Signs of Spring.

At the moment we live in
different and difficult times.


For us all, around the
world, our lives are
currently upside down,
different and extremely

With so many twists and
turns, it certainly isn't easy
and doing what you can,
doing as you are told,
staying safe is about the
only thing we can do.
Staying inside and
remaining safe is the order
of the day and working
from home is now a

During the day we focus on
work, follow routines and
when the day is done, take
it in turns to find a release.

Nothing much, simply a
short period of time
outside and the chance to
partake in some exercise.

For me, the outdoors is my
world, and limiting myself
to a short period of time
outside, is very tough.

It is something we used to
take for granted but now
cherish more and more.
So, wandering around the
local area, is about all we
can do.

Limiting this and finding
spaces to exercise away
from others is important.

To walk, run and cycle, is
about the only exercise that
be enjoyed in the fresh air.

Well, apart from simply
sitting in the garden and
watching the flowers grow.
On the positive side of things the signs
of Spring are so vivid and so clear.
Focusing on the details has never been
so apparent and appealing.
Everywhere you look the colours are
changing and life seems to be returning
to something that resembles normal.
Well, at least amongst the natural world.
Living near the sea means I can cycle
early, in the hope of watching the
sunrise. With the vivid colours
appearing day after day and illuminating
a brand new day.
Using the bike to travel to some familiar
places and watch day after day at how
the freshness and greenery returns is all
pretty humbling.
These times are not easy
and doing what we can is
about as much as we can

Being thankful for what we
have is important but also
focusing on the small
things are more important
now, than ever before.

Be safe, look after
yourselves and take care!

Instagram @garethmate


Outdoor Enthusiast - Writer Brit based in the Netherlands Daily Cycle Commuter 🚲 Instagram @garethmate

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