SHIBUYA crossing
This is the intersection which is a popular
location for movies
and media taking place in Tokyo.
It has appeared in the films
Lost in Translation
and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,
while making appearances in numerous
music videos, newscasts, and animated

Feel the rhythm of motions
in this lively intersection.
Shibuya Crossing
Cars cross
When only the cars cross each other.
Then silently the bicycle cross over.
And also the Go-kart...!
Turn to Go-kart takes a move on the street.
Then ......
people takes over it.
Yeah that’s the 3 minutes of iconic
ambience of Shibuya Crossing.

It was a unique observation of so many
people occupied the intersection.

People are constantly pouring across the
street from all directions going to even
other directions.

They all meet in the middle in a frantic
mess, bumping, side stepping and
swerving around each other
as they try to cross.
Terima kasih, thanks for reading 🙏

Videos by Sunu fam.

Music by Loyalty Freak Music
(Can’t Stop My Feet)

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