hashtag challenge
Steller users, this month
it’s all about you!
What sort of experiences and
adventures make you...you?! Maybe
you love to cozy up in a café close to
home. Or maybe you love to summitting
peaks around the globe! Tell us with

Here’s how...
Create a new Steller post (or posts)
sharing videos and photos of your
cool experiences. Show us where
you went and what it was like.
Try using a video for your
first page and add music to
make your posts stand out!
Add geotags to make
your #shareyourworld
stories easy to discover
and reach more people!
North Cascades National Park
Make sure you add the
#shareyourworld hashtag to get
your story featured discovered
on the Explore page.

Create as many #shareyourworld
posts as you like!
Share your story (or stories) on
Instagram stories, Pinterest and Twitter,
and invite others to make their own
#shareyourworld posts.
We’ll be sharing our favorites on
Steller and elsewhere, so make
sure you tag us @stellerstories so
we can shout you out!
We look forward to getting inspired
by your #shareyourworld posts!

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