The Hummingbirds Of
With a heart that beats over 1,300 X per minute
and wings that flap over 80 X per minute,
humming birds metabolize food fast. They can
eat as much as 8 times their body weight in a
single day
The unique climate and geographic
location of the Santa Marta Mtns is
home to the highest concentration of
bird species on the planet
With year round flower blooms, nectar
and pollination are in constant flourish
, ,
A violet crowded humming
bird feeding on nectar
Competition for nectar is always
a contentious battle
A Santa Marta Woodstar, this bird is
nearly the size of a large bumble bee and
found only in Colombia 🇨🇴
Rain is a nearly a daily occurrence in the
tropical forests of Santa Marta
Filming in the rain was common
Couldn’t have done any of this without
friends Gregg Bleakney, Diego
Calderón, Julian Manrique, Fedrico
Pardo & José Casteano 🙏🏻
Sunset fading out,
high above the valley

National Geographic Photographer and Director / Thankful for every day

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