Sally here, checking in with a weekly wellbeing
update from the village
Last week was a hard one trying to figure it all out
before admitting defeat and letting softness in,
starting with the simple task of putting up these
breezy curtains so I can always see the sky
They have been my saving grace really (the curtains)
and I’ve spent every morning watching from under
my covers how they change: blowing hard in the
wind, floating softly in the sunrise, or ever so still on
those frosty starts.
I’ve been up early most mornings to catch the light
And to say hello to fellow morning lovers
Oh to be a swan
Do you have a favourite tree? This is mine. I
went to say hello and seek solace in its beauty.
This week I’m going to try Shinrin-yoku aka forest
bathing. I got lost in the woods today but will head
back soon to bring you a guide on how to enjoy this
ancient, Japanese practise.
Of course, I’ve been in the kitchen a lot. These are
my aunt’s golden slices (oats, cheese, carrots, herbs
and seeds). Head to the Gazelli blog for an update
on that Pickled Magnolia recipe.
Our gorgeous friend Meredith once told us
about chocolate meditation. I gave it a go
every day last week just to be safe, hehe!
Remember last week’s pink buttercream? I HAD to
use the rest up and make these wild blueberry and
rose buttercream shortbread sandwiches.
An exceptionally kind friend - an old regular from
my young days as a barmaid - dropped me off this
amazing selection of books. Which one should I
read first? And can you think of anyone who you
could send a book to, too? That’s a nice thought.
That’s it from me this week. Speak to you soon,
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