My Neighbourhood
My neighbourhood is
pretty cool. It is vibrant,
interesting and plenty to

There is always something
going on here and
something new to see.

On days when I need a
little inspiration there is
nothing better than
walking round the corner
and grabbing a coffee at
one of my favourite cafés.

COPPI Coffee & Cycling
Coppi Koffie and Fietsen is the
best, as it combines to of my
favourite things - coffee and
Named after famous cyclist
Fausto Coppi it is great sit here
and do some work.
In the area this little Banksy stencil
caught my eye.
Coffee and bikes make me
happy! Here you can get your bike
fixed while drinking your latte.
COPPI Coffee & Cycling
Built under the railway way. It is a
rugged and stylish affair. A
crossover I like!
Around every corner you will find a
And relax...
Thanks for passing by...

Outdoor Enthusiast - Writer Brit based in the Netherlands Daily Cycle Commuter 🚲 Instagram @garethmate

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