Stolen lands of the Ute, Cheyenne,
and Arapaho peoples
first stop
on the
way to the
wet dogs have more fun 🤷🏾
cheesin bc the fact that we chose a 9 mile out & back for
our first real hike together is painfully on brand.💀
the trek to this trailhead is
legitimately 1/3 the battle. 🥵
guilly serving trail
zaddy realness.🤤
When I tell y’all getting to this trailhead is 1/3 the
battle I mean it. From where we parked there’s about
a 1-1.5 mile trek to this trail & THEN another 2-3
miles of hike to Lake Isabelle.

However, I will say, it’s entirely worth every step.

part of the way down Long Lake
trail, there’s a dope little creek.
The Polar Bear decided we
needed to stop for a dip, so we
stopped for a dip.
this little creek must be magic or
something,  bc it got this very
anti-swimming boy to wade in
with minimal coaxing.
so, this @saaltco container was blown
into the creek by the wind when I was
trying to get a shot. Guilly jumped into
the water for it because #LeaveNoTrace
& everything inside was dry!!
if you have a
period & live an
outdoorsy life, u
def need
@saaltco for SO
many reasons.
for what it’s worth, the
shots did not disappoint.
shouts to guilly for deadass
carrying the pack (and my
@saaltco + @kulacloth) most of
the way. a KANG u hear me?? 👑
This area is called the Four
Lakes Backcountry Zone & this
specific trail visits three of the
four lakes. The water was
definitely a big reason I chose
this trail for us tbh.
i mean come ON.
outside is for playing.
whatever that looks like.
very close by that lake, we
stumbled upon this lil brook...
when I tell you this
trail is perfect...
First time seeing moose, I almost lost it.
they’re so CUTE.
(apollo was also v interested lol)
this trail,
almost there...
we made it!!!
worth it.
sleepiest trail boys ever,
I promise.
then there’s this guy,
trying his hardest to
fight the tired.
if you didn’t make time for
headassery, did you even hike?
We saw a grand total of four
moose (meese??) today which is 4
more than I’ve ever seen in my
entire life. Absolutely incredible.
we stayed too long at
the lake so now it’s a
race against the
sunset back to the car.
this place is
beyond any
words could give.
there’s always time for one last look..
off to the next
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