“Remember the hours after
Sept. 11 when we came
together as one! It was the
worst day we have ever
seen, but it brought out the
best in all of us.”

— John Kerry
“Time is passing. Yet, for
the United States of
America, there will be no
forgetting September the
11th. We will remember
every rescuer who died in
honor. We will remember
every family that lives in
grief. We will remember
the fire and ash, the last
phone calls, the funerals of
the children.”

— George W. Bush
“For me and my family
personally, September 11
was a reminder that life is
fleeting, impermanent, and
uncertain. Therefore, we
must make use of every
moment and nurture it
with affection, tenderness,
beauty, creativity,
and laughter.”

— Deepak Chopra
“What separates us from
the animals, what separates
us from the chaos, is our
ability to mourn people
we’ve never met.”

— David Levithan
“If we learn nothing else
from this tragedy, we learn
that life is short and there
is no time for hate.”

— Sandy Dahl,
wife of Flight 93
pilot Jason Dahl.
“When Americans lend a
hand to one another,
nothing is impossible.
We’re not about what
happened on 9/11.
We’re about what
on 9/12.”

— Jeff Parness
“True patriotism hates
injustice in its own land
more than anywhere else.”

— Clarence Darrow
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