On this day, May 2020
By PetraIpa
This month I completed the 30 days
challenge by Bridge House Art.
On this day
xx PetraIpa
Day 1: record the colour and movement
of the sky in the afternoon.
Day 2: record the colour and movement
of the sky in the morning.
Day 3: record the horizon, where the sky
meets the land.
Day 4: record the piece of land closest to
Day 5: record the view from your
Day 6: record a view of your street.
Day 7: record your kitchen table.
Day 8 : draw the shapes/view between 2
objects on your kitchen table.
Day 9: record the view from one room
to the next.
Day 10: record what you see at (or as
near to) 11 am.
Day 11: record what you see at (or as near
to)7 pm.
Day 12: open a cupboard and spend
some time drawing the chaos, or the
order, if that's what you have :)
Day 13: record objects silhouetted
against a window during the day
Day 14: record the same objects against
the window at night
Day 15: After your daily exercise, do a
‘memory’ drawing of something you
Day 16: record a person that you can see – this may be
a housemate, someone walking by, a newsreader on
the TV – try to find a way of drawing that suits how
you are seeing that person.
Day 17: record your hands drawing.
Day 18: find three objects placed
together in an interesting way in your
house and spend time drawing them
thinking about composition.
Day 19: open a drawer in your house and
record what’s inside.
Day 20: object/portraits – think about a person who
means a lot to you, are there objects in your house
that symbolise that person? Gather some together and
draw a ‘portrait’ from them. (ref: Victoria Crowe.
Andrew Wyeth)
My mother Cornelia Filius 1932 - 2007.
Day 21: record a line of washing - either
indoors or out.
Day 22: record your mantlepiece, a shelf
or a windowsill.
Day 23: record your shadow across the
Day 24: self portrait – try to find a way to depict
yourself in a drawing that is not a traditional self
portrait – your reflection in a shiny object like the
back of a spoon.
Day 25: record your breakfast table.
Day 26: record the most colourful thing
you can see at midday (or as near to)
Day 27: record the washing up in the
Day 28: record a piece of furniture by
drawing only the negative spaces
Day 29: record something/someone that
makes you smile when you look at it/
Day 30: record a 360º drawing, or a
series of four, of a room/space looking
North, East, South, West
Thanks for watching.
Since 2015 I just take photographs with
an iPhone. I really enjoy taking pictures
with an iPhone because I am not a
photographer and an iPhone is easy to
master. I like painting, drawing and
clay modeling and because of the fact
that this kind of hobby takes a lot of
space, materials, and cost a lot of
money etc., I photograph. I treat a
photo like a lump of clay and "mould
it" with help of apps as iColorama and
Snapseed and my Apple pencil and

I am drawn towards textures, shapes
and contrast. I want them to transfer
into abstracts, and try to take the
ordinary into something extraordinary.
I prefer taking pictures in bird view
perspective and I like taking pictures of
flowers but I don't have a particular
style or way of editing.

I learned a lot of the courses I followed
at the and
I am still learning a lot in the iPhone
Masters Community. My goal is to
persevere into a Project365 and
photographing just one theme all
month. But after a couple of days I
may change my subject.
Many thanks to the “Blippers” and the
members of the iPhone Masters
Community for there encouragement,
tips and great support.
#iphoneography #iphoneonly
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