Charles Bridge
at summer solstice
Autodrom Most
So what you do when you
are supposed to report
on the Most Historic
Grand Prix in the north
of the Czech Republic?
Jiráskův most
Fly in two days early and
enjoy Prague around
summer solstice!
With the apartment’s
private parking only
available from 1pm, the best
way to still enjoy the
morning after landing at
Prague Airport around
8.30am is to drive your
rental car to the Palladium
shopping mall’s giant
underground car park.

Then you take the elevator
up, go out and this is what
you see...
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A short walk takes you from
the Powder Tower to the art
nouveau façades around
the Mucha Museum (well
worth a visit) and a bridge
of sighs that no tourist
seems to care about.

Then it’s onwards to the
Wenceslas Square and the
market at Havelská.
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Old Town Square
Go past the crowd on the Old Town
Square and head back towards the
Powder Tower for coffee and cake in
style at a very special place.
Municipal House
If you’re into art nouveau,
then this is a great place
for lunch. Never mind the
grumpy service and the
lack of vibrant young
people around you -
instead simply enjoy the
place’s history and art.
dum café
, , , ,
A great idea for escaping
the summer heat is to go
up to the top of Petrin hill
using the funicular train.

The miniature Eiffel Tower
there is the main attraction,
along with the astronomical
observatory, but you will
find a hidden treasure
behind a gate that is hard
to find - the Kvetnice rose
, , ,
After a beer on a terrace
overlooking the city you go
back down to finish the
afternoon along the banks
of the Vltava river, with
Gehry’s famous Dancing
House as the coda in the
midst of frantic evening
rush-hour traffic.
, , , ,
A brief evening stroll into this strangest
of parks (try to find R2D2 there!) is all
you will allow yourself...
Park Folimanka
, ,
... since you have a plan!

Because of its undisputed
beauty, Prague as a tourist
attraction has become
almost as popular as
Amsterdam and Venice. So
how do you avoid the
crowds when visiting the
city’s hotspots?

By beating all those people
to them!
And that means setting the alarm clock
at 4am and taking the tram (which runs
all night!) to Vltava river to experience
Prague at dawn...
The State Opera
Yes, this is summer
solstice, the longest
day of the year...
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge at dawn...
, , , , ,
At 4.30am, a meditative
slow walk crossing the
bridge to celebrate summer
solstice gets underway. An
hour later, the pagan ritual
is still only halfway.

Other bridge dwellers
include partygoers who
had stayed up all night, and
Asian brides and grooms
getting their pictures taken.
, , , ,
Lennon Wall
At the other end of the bridge is
the Lennon Wall. You and a British
girl you’ve just met on the bridge
are the only people there.
Lennon Wall
Of course you get
her to take your
On top of the hill, the country’s
founding father Tomas
Masaryk is overlooking the city.
Prague Castle
The gates to Prague Castle
open at 6am. You will find
no-one there, except that
British girl and a handful of
cleaning ladies reporting for

You even have the Golden
Lane for yourself,
discounting those very
same cleaning ladies....
, , , , , , ,
Then it’s back down to
earth, and into Prague’s
underground with its
wonderful station

You sleep well into the
afternoon before walking
down to the Vysegrad
castle with the cemetery
where all the famous
Czechs are buried before
taking the tram back up to
Prague’s big castle where
you visit its terraced
gardens - another hidden
, ,
, , ,
Prague, you’ve been amazing!
Letna Park

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