Everywhere you walk on the streets of
Porto, Portugal, away from the crowder
tourists spots, you find #hiddengems.
History is everywhere and most of these
places require no fee to enter.
Or simply wait for sunset to arrive and
watch the street lights come on in the
golden hour light.
Walk into centuries old churches and
admire the beauty
Or sneak to find a hidden spot from
where the bridge is better angled for a
photo 😎
And look outside when the guide says to
look down where you’re stepping, only
to gaze at this amazing shape.
Lose yourself into the dust from the
nearby construction site, on the same
street with the oldest buildings in the old
city area.
But make sure you have good signal to
keep sharing these beautiful
#hiddengems in your stories πŸ˜…
Like this secret entrance to an exclusive
shop, dug into the ancient walls of the
Watch families walk around the empty
back streets.
Or influencers in the wild πŸ˜œπŸ“±πŸ€

I travel the world & tell stories with photography via socialmedia. Community Manager at Cloudflare.

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