Great river road
Cruising across the Mississippi
River toward Baton Rouge en-
route to our first stop of the trip
Oak Alley Plantation
Ranger Rick spots his first POI of
the trip 🔍
Tickets acquired
The grounds are beautiful and perfectly
We have discovered the oak alley!
Ranger Rick is pleased with his
Very pleased.
But there is more to discover!
On the road again to location 2!
Houmas House and Gardens
Our next stop on the
plantation tour:
The grounds speak for themselves, but I am
providing this caption just in case.
There are lots of beautiful gardens
to explore and shoot!
It’s all about the details!
Ranger Rick: thrilled with his
discovery once again 😂
Had fun making this ♾ loop using
the 360° camera on a long pole!
That concludes Louisiana
road trip leg 1. The best
part? We didn’t have to
wait for crowds or deal
with anyone else at either
of these beautiful spots,
hard to find these days!

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