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DeRidder, Louisiana was named after
the sister-in-law of a Dutch railroad
financier.  Her name was Ella de
Ridder.  Her family immigrated from
the small town of Geldermalsen in
the Netherlands.  
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The Gothic “Hanging” Jail
was built on 1915.  It is
rumored to be haunted by
the two men that were
hung from the spiraling
stairwell within the jail.  
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Serenity Park and Serenity Park, Too
were envisioned as community gathering
spots and, also, a potential location
for cultural events.  It was recently
restore in 2015.
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The DeRidder Commercial
Historic District has
many buildings dating
back to the early 1900’s.
Most of them are brick
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Like many old towns, the business
district of DeRidder is centered on
train tracks.  The primary industry
for the town was timber.
Beauregard Museum is housed in the
old railroad depot that was
erected in 1897.

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