In 2018, my family and I spent 3 days in Paris en
route to Scotland. We walked all over the city and
spent hours in cafés people-watching,. I have been
wanting a “real” trip to France with more time to
explore Paris and other places. We were supposed
to go on June 1, but like a lot of other people, our
trip was canceled due to the pandemic.
One of my favorite
pictures from our trip.
I love pink and this cart
spoke to me.
This is a wildly popular place
and it lived up to our
Café de Flore
We didn’t go in
here, I just loved
the façade.
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I took this picture for
my mom, Christine.
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We ate at a great café tucked down an
alley on our last morning in Paris. It had
delicious food, but more importantly, it
was on the corner of Avenue Carnot
and Rue de Acacias with a wonderful
view of the teeny, but bustling,
intersection. It was wildly entertaining
watching the near-misses between
parked cars and trucks too big to be in
the alley. One poor truck driver got
stuck turning in the intersection and,
well, it was a good 20 minutes of
L'Arc Café.
Sipping real hot chocolate at
l’arc café where you are served
melted chocolate and you add
milk as needed.
We love Paris
and can’t wait
to go back!

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