Burmese traditional
In Myanmar there's a tradition of
making lacquerware bowls, cups, boxes,
and more that dates back to the 11th
Century. The framework is made up of
thin bamboo strips,  before it undergoes
a process of applying a lacquer they
derive from lacquer trees.
The lacquer from the lacquer trees is
coated on the bamboo framework. Each
coat takes around a week to dry and all
in all they will use around 19 coats of
Men are responsible for the hard details,
like shapes and patterns. Then it is
passed to women who engrave the fine
details. Some of the designs used date
back to the 11th century and depict
Buddha’s former existence.
Even a cup takes up to a year to
complete. If you ever visit Bagan, I
highly recommend visiting a
lacquerware workshop. The one we
visited is called Ever Stand, and they
were incredibly welcoming.

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