Oyster Farming
At the beginning, this is what the
oyster looks like as a newborn
Martha’s Vineyard
Martha's Vineyard
Baby Oyster
Martha's Vineyard
After 3 years, the oysters are
retrieved from the ocean
This is the size of a 3-Year old
oyster; ready to take to market for
Oysters are efficient filter feeders
that help remove excess nitrogen
from waters
Adult oysters reportedly can filter
up to 50 gallons a day
The ideal “look” of an oyster is a
smooth tear-drop appearance; so
we scrape off the rough edges
Learning to shuck an oyster...
...is a bit tougher than I thought,
and the consequences are a knife
stab; be careful!
You use a specific oyster-
shucking knife...
Ripe for eating! Just make sure to
release the connectivity to the
shell so all of the meat slides off!

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