Sauk Mountain Trailhead
We went for a quick hike on Sauk
mountain before another
appointment at our new house! It
24 days until we can officially move into
our new home in the North Cascades
and I’m feeling a bit pensive.

Right now, I am beyond burnt out. I am
tired to my bones and holding on just a
little bit longer to get through the move
to the country... and then, I am going to
relax. That is a major part of why we are
upheaving our lives and moving right
now at such short notice. After about 3
years of going 1000 mph with little to
no pause, it's time.

I want to slow down. I want to grow
more of my own food. I want to know
the smell of the trees and how it changes
on the seasons. I want to feel weather
shifts in my leg, look up at mountains,
and see a storm rolling in. I want to be
cozy by a fire. I want to learn new things,
be scared of predators from the safety of
my home, and see the night sky from
my own patio.

Until then, I’m absorbing as much as I
can every time we visit.
Sauk Mountain Trailhead
there were so many gorgeous
textures along the trail
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Sauk Mountain
The cutest latrine
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Sauk Mountain Trailhead
Obligatory truck shot.

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