One way I’m trying to stay creative during this crazy time is by
working on building up my stock portfolio. Companies are
currently purchasing images involving home life for advertising
and content. So I decided to document my green smoothie
today. Please enjoy this photo story and let me know if this type
of content is something you’d be interested in seeing more of!
I love using frozen
apple chunks instead
of ice cubes for a
1 frozen apple
1/2 cup fresh Kale
1 tbsp Peanut Butter
1 scoop vegan protein powder
1/4 cup Oat or Almond Milk
Blend it all Together!
Enjoy your creation!
This vegan green smoothie is filling,
healthy and tasty! And trust me, you
cannot taste the kale!
Are these types of photo stories
something that you would want
to see more of? I know we are all
probably getting sick of corona
content at this point!

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