Travel Route 66
August 2019
If you have grown up in the mid-west,
I’m sure you have heard of Route 66.
Can a taste of the good ole days!
You have endless town to stop in.
Bristow is my favorite town along Route
66. There’s so many photo
Mural, after mural...
This trip was done when I live in
Midwest City, so I did not spend the
night anywhere. Starting Route 66 neat
Pops in Arcadia, which will take you to
Once arriving in Tulsa, I suggest a snack.
Downtown Tulsa offers so many
restaurants. Find a local diner, you won’t
be disappointed.
Admiring Church Row, or visiting a
museum. There’s plenty to do. The Art
Deco is free and had great pieces to see!
It’s a hidden gem!
This is the kind of thing Tulsa has needed! Tulsa is a
growing city and I feel as if this is the perfect move for
Tulsa! The Gathering Place is awesome! The different
playground and walk ways are very innovative and
unique to the park. The park is extremely clean and
the staff are very friendly. I can’t wait for the next
additions to the park that help make it even more
AWESOME! Thank you, George Kaiser Family
Foundation for funding this park and making it
happen in Tulsa.

This is a MUST if you have kids!
The Gathering Place Parking
Conclusion: Tulsa is a great getaway! All
Okies should visit! 

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