Oak Alley Plantation
Plantation County of Louisiana's
Great River Road
Known for it's quarter mile long
alley of 28 magnificent Oak trees,
each over 250 years old, and view
of the majestic cypress trees in
Louisiana's swamps boarding the
Mississippi River
Sugarcane was a labor
intensive crop, much more
so than a tobacco or cotton
plantation, and as
plantations along the
Mississippi river turned to
sugarcane as their main
crop, the demand for
enslaved workers reached a
fever pitchThe enslaved
community at Oak Alley, for
example fluctuated between
roughly 110 and 120 men,
women, and children.
Oak Alley’s adaptive restoration
in 1925 by her new owners, Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Stewart, was the
first example of ante-bellum
restoration along River Road.
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