Nude Cake
Chocolate & Ruspberries
Today a super tasty recipe, a very simple
tiered cake but a concentrate of taste.
Only for chocolate lovers!  I made a
butterless cake with bitter cocoa which
became three distinct cakes which were
then stuffed with chocolate cream and
raspberries.  A little naked cake but more
refined because the tufts are all quite
regular and the separations of the layers
are very marked and evident.  Since this
cake is a bomb of calories, I tried to
lighten it as much as possible by
avoiding butter both in the discs and in
the cream.  The cream to make it more
frothy and full-bodied I increased the
amount of chocolate in this way I was
sure that it would stand up well to the
weight of the other floors.  You too can
try to achieve it in these quarantine days
and you will see that joy will return to
the house.

250g of 00 flour
150g of sugar
125g of seed oil
50g of bitter cocoa
3 eggs
16g of baking powder
75ml of water
30g of sugar
220g of spreadable cheese
170g of Greek yogurt
250g of dark chocolate
25g of icing sugar
300g of raspberries
A World of Wonder
How to do:
Dissolve the sugar in water and bring
them to a boil to form a syrup and then
leave to cool.
Work the eggs with the sugar until a
foamy mass is formed.
Mix the flour with the cocoa and baking
Add the oil to the eggs and then sift the
flour and mix well.  If necessary, add one
or two spoons of milk to soften the
Divide the mold into 3 equal trays and
cook in a hot oven at 180 ° C for about
20-25 minutes.  Then leave to cool.
Work the yogurt with the cheese and
the icing sugar with the whisk or in a
planetary mixer.  Melt the chocolate and
then add it to the processed cheese and
work again until you get a frothy but
firm cream.  Pour the mixture into a sac
a poche with a smooth nozzle.
Cut the surface of each cake disc and
brush them with the bagna.  I suggest
you copy the 3 cakes in such a way that
they always have the same diameter.

Beat the cake with a wet disc.  do two
turns alternating a tuft of cream and 1
raspberry then in the center put only
cream.  repeat the same operation with
the other two floors and finish the cake
by decorating the top floor with extra
cream and raspberries.  Keep the cake in
the refrigerator until it is used.
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