In the heart of
Pentlands Regional
North Esk
Pentland Hills
About North Esk Reservoir

The reservoir was built by a
consortium of Penicuik
mill owners in 1850 to help
regulate the flow of water
in the river to give a
constant supply to the
numerous paper mills
which had sprung up in the
valley. The engineer
responsible was Thomas
Stevenson, father of Robert
Louis Stevenson.
The walk starts here past
an old mill which is now a
private house.  
This is a lovely walk, full of
variety and contrast. In the
beginning it is in a
beautiful secluded Glen
and then opens out cross a
grassy hillside with
magnificent views along
the Pentland ridge.
Cross the North Esk river
via the bridge.
The moorland is covered
in Cotton-grass in the
months of May and June
Take some time to enjoy the
view over the reservoir. The
islands in the reservoir is
home to many migrating
birds during the summer
months. So be sure to take
your binoculars with you.

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