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One of the areas we visited a lot during our time in New
York, was Central Park.

Once you stepped into the greenery you escaped the
craziness of the city, with just the tops of skyscrapers
reminding you of where you were.

The park has so much life, music filled every corner,
from the sounds of nature to buskers trying to make it big.
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Now let’s go back a bit...

On our first day in New York we grabbed a Lyft to
spend the day around Central Park and the Natural
History Museum.

On the way, we picked up a couple coming from New
Jersey and got chatting. They told us they were
heading to a music festival in Central Park where
Queen and Alicia Keys we’re playing, for just $5!

(fun fact about me: I am a F*%#! MASSIVE Queen fan)

There was no need for a discussion, we turned around,
ran back to our hotel to drop the cameras off, bought
the tickets and headed out for an afternoon and
evening filled with was incredible!

Getting to watch Alicia Keys sing ‘Empire State of
mind’ in Central Park on a warm autumn night, you
just can’t write that stuff!
This festival and my trip to New York was so
incredible, and a moment I’ll never forget.

Thanks for reading!

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